In any relationship, disagreements are inevitable. Whether between business partners, neighbors, friends, family members or between an employer and his or her employee, human conflict is a natural part of life. Some of these disagreements can be so serious and so deep that only an outside neutral party can effectively assist to resolve them.

At Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP, we believe that mediation is an exceptional way to resolve conflicts - whether the conflict arises from a business or commercial dispute within a company or between companies, a family or estate issue, a workplace conflict, a will contest, a divorce or practically any other disagreement.

  • Mediation is a process where parties to a legal dispute sit down with an impartial third party who helps them talk through the issues of the situation and attain a beneficial agreement and result that everyone can live with.
  • Unlike in litigation or arbitration (where a judge or an arbitrator makes the decisions), in mediation, the parties, with the mediator's assistance, make all decisions about how to resolve the issues.
  • It is almost always less expensive, less time consuming and more satisfying than litigation.
  • The mediator helps parties negotiate in a more healthy, productive and collaborative manner than they might do without a mediator at the table.


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Mediation is available for a variety of disputes

  • Sometimes mediation is used to resolve an already pending lawsuit; other times it is used before a lawsuit is even started.
  • It may even be used in community and public policy disputes.
  • Parties are free to bring their attorneys with them to mediation although sometimes parties come without attorneys.
  • Everything said during mediation is confidential, which protects a party's statements from being used against them should the mediation not result in a settlement and the matter goes to court.
  • Mediation can also provide certainty of result with a resolution rather than having to be exposed to the risks of rolling the dice in front of a judge or jury.

A satisfying result

  • In our experience, parties that mediate report greater satisfaction with the process and the results than parties that go through litigation.
  • The attorneys at Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP have also found that mediation is much less likely to harm any relationship that disputing parties could benefit from after the dispute, whether those be business, family, parenting community, workplace or organizational relationships.

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