Private Long-Term Disability

Understanding Long-Term Disability Insurance

Unlike Social Security Disability, which is offered by the federal government, Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTD) is offered by employers through a group insurance plan. This type of coverage picks up where short-term disability coverage leaves off.

  • At Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP, we can help you if a disability has prevented you from working full time or part time and you were a member of an employer-based group insurance plan.
  • Alternatively, many Erie County and Niagara County residents carry Individual Disability Insurance (IDI), private disability insurance purchased on your own and not provided by your employer.
  • We can assist you in pursuing extended Social Security Disability insurance benefits under these plans as well.
  • Our disability insurance lawyers can help you navigate the process of submitting a claim.
  • If you are worried that your disability insurer is not going to pay, it is time to explore your options for obtaining disability insurance benefits that replace a percentage of your lost salary.

Insurance companies want to keep profits, not provide coverage

Whether your disability insurance is individual or group, you must file your claim for disability benefits with your insurance provider. Filing a claim can be a complicated process - making sure you fulfill all application requirements and complete all forms can be a difficult task.

  • At Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP, we know how to prepare claims and fight for your benefits.
  • Not only that, we advise clients on much more than just long-term disability benefits in New York.
  • Sadly, for-profit insurance companies commonly deny legitimate claims for LTD benefits. They know that most policyholders who receive claim refusals become frustrated - often no longer pursuing the coverage they need.
  • But when you apply for benefits, you have certain rights, including the right to know why your claim for coverage was denied.
  • If your insurance company unfairly refuses your benefits, your attorney from Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP can protect your rights and advocate on your behalf.

Appealing a decision

If your LTD benefits claim is denied, Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP can guide you through the appeals process.

  • For work-sponsored group coverage, appeals are governed by a federal law known as ERISA -- the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.
  • Whether your dispute involves an individual policy or an ERISA-governed appeal, our lawyers can represent you with your insurance company, and if those efforts are fruitless, we can protect your rights in court.

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