Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? A skilled Buffalo, NY Personal Injury Attorney will Help You get the Compensation You Deserve

Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP have represented many victims of motorcycle accidents. If you or a friend was injured on a motorcycle, you should speak to an attorney who has experience with motorcycle accidents.

  • Our managing partner, Stephen Pusatier, been a motorcyclist for more than thirty years and is active in the motorcycle community.
  • His experience with motorcyclists, motorcycle laws and the way motorcycle accidents happen can be put to work for you if you are injured in a motorcycle accident.
  • Mr. Pusatier goes to rallies in New York and out-of-state to stay current on the latest bikes, safe-riding practices and products.

Motorcycle Safety

The biggest reason for motorcycle accidents is car drivers not seeing the motorcyclist. These incidents are greatest at intersections, driveways, and during rush hours. There are things you can do to reduce these types of accidents and protect yourself.

  • Good motorcycle lighting is essential to being seen. Although most motorcycles come with a single headlight, a rider can inexpensively purchase additional lights for the front of the motorcycle.
  • Rear lights can be enhanced with modules that will flash the brake lights to get the attention of an automobile behind the motorcycle.
  • It goes without saying that bright clothing will enhance the visibility of the motorcyclist.
  • Defensive driving techniques are taught at motorcycle safety classes. It is strongly recommended that all motorcyclists, no matter how many years they have been riding, take these classes.

Contact us if you have a motorcycle accident in Buffalo, NY

If a motorcycle collision happens to you with a car, truck, another motorcycle, a dog, or in any other way contact your motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.

  • We have investigators and accident reconstruction experts who will work on your behalf to get all of the evidence preserved before the evidence has been lost or destroyed.
  • Do not get the motorcycle repaired or take any broken parts off the motorcycle until after it has been seen by the investigator.
  • Motorcycle accidents are usually not the rider's fault. However, insurance companies are prejudiced against motorcycle riders.
  • The facts must be presented in a persuasive way to prove the motorcyclist was not at fault for the accident.
  • A skilled and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is the best friend that an injured motorcyclist can have.

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