Social Security Disability Benefits in Buffalo, NY

Appeals, applications and understanding Western New York disability claims

When you are hurt, you have enough to worry about without being preoccupied with how you are going to pay the bills. At Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP, our Social Security Disability team helps you through the process so that you can get the benefits you need. Since we opened our doors in 1976, Social Security Disability has been a major part of our practice and we have successfully obtained benefits for countless numbers of our friends and neighbors in Erie County.

What does the Social Security Administration consider in an application?

When you apply for Social Security after an accident, the Social Security Administration (SSA) takes many factors into account when deciding to approve your claim, including:

  • Severity: The SSA will ask if your injury is severe enough to impair basic work activities such as walking, standing, sitting, thinking and remembering. They may also compare your injury to the list of eligible impairments, some of which are mentioned below:

    • Spinal disorders, such as stenosis of the spine, arthritis, compression fractures and osteoporosis
    • Cancers, including breast, lung, oral, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate and kidney
    • Strokes, heart attacks, angina, congestive heart failure, ischemic heart disease and other illnesses
    • Depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, personality and mood disorders
  • Work: If you are currently able to work despite your injury, the SSA generally does not consider you disabled. Similarly, officials will not approve benefits if you are able to return to your former job relatively soon.
  • Changing jobs: The SSA may also evaluate you to see if your condition, age, education and work experience would qualify you for any other type of work. If it does, you may be denied Social Security Disability benefits.

Working with an experienced lawyer can make all the difference.

  • The key to winning a Social Security Disability claim is the proper preparation of your application and the presentation of your medical evidence of disability.
  • If your application is successful, the amount you receive in benefits will be based on your past earnings and if you are receiving other benefits such as workers compensation.
  • Our firm has the knowledge to help you file a successful initial claim.
  • If you need help applying for Social Security anywhere in Erie or Niagara County, you can trust in our more than 40 years of serving individuals and families throughout Western New York.

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