Real Estate Closings

Supporting Real Estate Closings and Property Purchases in the Buffalo, NY Area

Real estate transactions are rarely identical - each purchase or sale of a property brings new circumstances and unique concerns that must be considered, reviewed and resolved. The attorneys at Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP have broad experience in real estate law.

We represent commercial and residential buyers and sellers of real property, landlords in landlord-tenant disputes, homeowners who require refinancing and other mortgage assistance and landowners who require assistance with leases, mortgages and deeds.

We can help you with a variety of real estate issues, including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements: We ensure your interests are protected in any transaction you are involved in by reviewing, drafting and negotiating comprehensive, legally binding real estate contracts, setting forth the rights and responsibilities of both buyer and seller.
  • Disclosures and defects: New York state law requires that a seller disclose any and all known issues with the property prior to sale. We represent buyers and sellers in disclosure review and, if necessary, litigation to protect your interests and your health.
  • Landlord representation: Our attorneys represent commercial and residential landlords in landlord-tenant disputes throughout Western New York including non-payment of rent, security deposit and eviction of tenant proceedings. We also work with landlords in holdover proceedings, illegal subletting or assignment and other matters.
  • Titles and records: Our lawyers can assist in reviewing title searches and abstracts, building department records, land surveys, building plans, outstanding violations issued by the state and municipalities, property liens and much more.
  • Refinancing and mortgages: Despite the economy, our team has achieved great results for our clients in real estate closings, refinancing and second mortgages, representing commercial entities and individual purchasers and sellers of real property throughout the region.

Regardless of your real estate legal needs, we are prepared to assist you. Contact the law firm of Pusatier, Abbott, Sugarman & Martin, LLP by calling 716-873-6765 or contacting us online. We offer after-hours appointments as necessary to ease your concerns.