What to Consider When Considering Divorce (Part 2)

CRITICAL ISSUE #2: Communication There may be several reasons why relationships come to end, a big one is communication. Communication regarding finances, kids, long term goals, and daily happenings. So, a big question to consider: how will we communicate going forward? During the separation, the divorce, and after. Couple's Therapy Many couples try marriage counseling to salvage whatever may be left in the relationship. For some folks, it can be life changing and effect the future of the relationship in a very positive way. For others, it exposes things you might not otherwise have discussed for one reason or another. Reconciliation is not impossible but it is obviously not for everyone. That does not mean counseling has lost its benefit. Communication can break down, yet there are tools that individuals can use to better listen to their spouse. This doesn't mean you have to agree with the other person 100% of the time. These tools, however, can help lay the groundwork to better discuss very important issues when dissolving the marriage: property, business assets, maintenance (or not), retirement assets, vehicles, and,  of course, children. Mediation If a couple is already going through the decision process of a divorce and they want a solution that could lead to amicable results, divorce mediation can help couple discuss important topics within a confidential setting. The mediator is not a counselor, so there still may be a need for counseling or therapy services outside of this time. Regardless, the mediator can help steer the conversation and develop a separation agreement the couple can live by, separately. It's not for everyone... While therapy and mediation can be effective, collaborative ways of approaching the end a marriage, it's not for everyone. There are many options despite the obvious courtroom. An attorney can be the voice of the client, especially when there is no communication between the couple that is healthy or productive. This is common and any person looking into divorce should be comfortable with whoever advocates for them. As noted above, the conversations that need to be discussed are not small or unimportant; a skilled attorney can help be that voice needed in those conversations.